The Village Smoke House
and Sausage Kitchen

Homemade Franks and the like...
*Regular size Frankfurter (our #1 seller, juicy and with a nice SNAP when
you bite into 'em... they fit a bun perfectly)
*Coney Island Frankfurter (a foot long with a thinner skin)
*Cocktail Franks (pigs in a blanket, anyone?)
*Red Hot Franks (our Regular Frank with an incredible kick!)
*Knockwurst (a short, chubby frank w/ a touch of onion)
*Kielbasa (a ring of smokey, garlicky heaven)
*Bauernwurst (a smaller, milder version of Kielbasa)

Smoked Ham and...
*Black Forest Ham (smokey, moist and sweet)
*Westphalian Ham (very smokey, deliciously salty, drier)
*Low Salt Boiled Ham (the Deli classic... taste ham, not salt!)

Cold Cuts...
(light garlic, think sliceable Kielbasa)
*Bologna (a classic... everybody's all time favorite!)
*Cervelat (a tangy, flavor packed, soft salami in a natural casing)
*German Hard Salami (a traditional all-purpose salami)
*Hungarian Salami (a delicious taste of Hungary)
*Pepperoni (cubed, sliced or in a chunk... paprika rules!)
*Head Cheese (Suelze, very rare these days, but not here!)
*Leberkase (like a German meatloaf, sliced or by the piece)
*Liverwurst (beef liver liverwurst, rich and decadent)
*Roast Turkey (all white meat, very lean and moist)
*Smoked Turkey (all white meat, smokey and very moist)

Smoked Specialties...
(dried beef sausage.. by the piece or pair)
*Smoked Hock (pigs knuckle.. perfect for a split pea or lentil soup!)
*Smoked Pork Chops (on the bone, moist and fully cooked, heat and serve)
*Smoked Bacon (there is no better...double smoked... sliced or by the slab)
*Smoked Ham (You must try this... half or whole, for the holidays!)

Homemade Burgers...
*Beef Burgers
(juicy, flavorful sirloin, 4 per pk.)
*Turkey Burgers (delicious, lean, 2 per pk.)
*Bison Burgers (extra, extra lean, 3 per pk.)
And more.....
Chicken Sausages...
Lean and delicious!
*Chicken Apple (sweet and juicy, with real apple!)
*Chicken Bratwurst (classic German sausage, done lean)
*Chicken Broccoli-Rabe (yup, broccoli-rabe... garlicky and flavor packed)
*Chicken French (our original and very first... mild)
*Chicken Hungarian (garlic, garlic... and, did I mention garlic?!)
*Chicken Italian (a classic, updated with lean chicken)
*Chicken Onion and Peppers (much milder, onions and peppers in every bite!)
*Chicken Spinach (a delicious way to get the kids to eat spinach)
*Chicken SouthWestern (salsa and cheddar cheese.. juicy and very moist)

Other assorted Homemade Sausages...
*Turkey Italian
(very lean, a favorite for our Turkey lovers)
*Pork Italian (the classic... our way)
*Pork Bratwurst (the German sausage... you know it and love it)
*Smoked Bratwurst (same as above with a little something extra... smoked!)
*Weisswurst (very mild, made with whole eggs and cream... rich!)
*Pork Cheese and Parsley (thin sausage in a ring... incredible flavor)
*Breakfast Sausage Links (thin pork links w/ black pepper)
*Breakfast Sausage Patties (pre-cooked and pork delicious)
*Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links (turkey links, same spices as the pork)
*English Bangers (a UK favorite... tasty pork sausage with a hint of lemon)
*Andouille (spicy Cajun smoked pork sausage, perfect for Jambalaya or Gumbo)

Ground Meats...
*Ground Beef
(juicy sirloin, always freshly ground to order)
*Ground Chicken (lean, we grind it and freeze it immediately, #1 pks.)
*Ground Turkey (lean, we do the grinding and freezing, #1 pks.)
*Ground Pork (our high quality, ground by us and frozen, #1 pks.)

More Meats...
*Whole Chickens
(delicious, 4-4 1/2 lbs... we'll even cut it up for ya!)
*Chicken Breast (boneless, we'll do whatever you'd like.. flatten for chicken
cutlets, cube for shish-ka-bob, butterfly for the grill... you name it)
*Beef Cubes for Stew (cubed to order, right in front of you)
*Pot Roast (cut to order from a delicious, tender Top Sirloin)
*London Broil (cut to order from a juicy Top Round)
*Rib Steak (the best there is... dry aged and boneless, cut to order)
*Pork Chops (juicy, boneless and center cut... incredible.. cut to order)
*Pork Loin (center cut, juicy and boneless... cut to any size you'd like)
So much delicious food to choose from!
You'll have to try everything... at least once!
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